How to Prepare Your Hawthorn Woods Home for Sale

Like much of the United States, Hawthorn Woods real estate is selling fast. Buyers are hungry to get out of Chicago proper and into the suburbs, with more room to spread and grow. Homes for sale in Hawthorn Woods seem to fly off the market, but if you’re thinking of selling your home, there are steps you should be taking!

It is a seller’s market, but that doesn't mean you can disregard these important steps to get your house show-ready. If you neglect to make the right preparations, you could be leaving thousands of dollars in profit from your future sale behind.

Use these steps to ensure you get the most from your house, even as you move on to the next phase of your life!

Clutter has to go

Before you even consider listing your home, you will want to take a look at the clutter you have around your house. It’s not just about what is stuffed in a closet or your basement.

Naturally, we accumulate clutter as time goes on, but the more clutter you have around your home, the harder it will be for an agent to showcase your home among those available within the Hawthorn Woods real estate market.

You should start by taking inventory in each room and determining what is essential to your daily life, what you will be able to live without while your home is listed with the other homes for sale in Hawthorn Woods, and what you want to get rid of. Everything that is going can be donated, sold, or thrown out entirely. Anything that falls in the middle ground should be moved to another location, if possible — a storage facility for just a short time works, but so does a friend’s basement or a neighbor's garage. What you are left with will be the furniture and decor your potential buyers see.

It is important for potential buyers scouring the Hawthorn Woods real estate market to be able to picture themselves living in your house. If it is full of your stuff and personal memories, they may not be able to picture themselves there. Without that, your offers will be fewer and for less overall.

Organize what is left

Before removing clutter, realize that you can’t throw it in the closet and pretend no one will see it. Homes for sale in Hawthorn Woods and beyond will have potential buyers walking through, and they are going to want to look in closets and pantries to see the space available.

For your existing closets and any storage cabinets, like the catch-all cabinet in the kitchen, take some time to organize everything neatly. Dishes should be stacked, clothes hanging up orderly or folded nicely, and nothing just thrown on the ground.

These extra steps will help set you apart from other homes for sale in Hawthorn Woods and ultimately give your potential buyers a better experience. That experience will directly translate to higher offers.

Clean, clean, clean!

It is no one's favorite chore when setting up homes for sale in Hawthorn Woods, but it is essential for preparing your home. Like with clutter, deep cleaning your home will give potential buyers the best first impression possible. They also won’t be distracted by dust bunnies or cobwebs, and they can focus on the most important things.

Many people entering the Hawthorn Woods real estate market simply hire a one-time cleaner to deep clean their house after removing the clutter, but you can also do it yourself if you prefer. The most important thing is for the house to look move-in ready for its next family.

The outside matters, too

The best homes for sale in Hawthorn Woods with the highest ultimate sale price have a few things in common, including curb appeal. When a potential buyer walks up to your house, the state of your lawn should give them confidence that the house was well taken care of.

There are many ways you can improve your curb appeal, including updating the paint on your window trim or front door, power washing your deck, siding, or walking paths, and adding new flowers to your flower beds. Ultimately, though, those looking at homes for sale in Hawthorn Woods want a tidy front lawn that they won’t have to put work into before moving.

If you can make that happen, you will be ahead of the game regarding Hawthorn Woods real estate listings!

Make repairs, but be smart

Every house has its quirks, and even the most beautiful homes for sale in Hawthorn Woods have something a little peculiar about it. If there are minor or cosmetic repairs you have been putting off or outright ignoring, consider fixing them before listing.

These should not be significant renovations or overhauls because you risk making choices that are not in line with the potential buyer's tastes. However, take a peek at the current Hawthorn Woods real estate listings, and see what small things you can do to keep your home in line with what is on the market.

This could be as simple as patching a hole in the wall you’ve been hiding with a painting, replacing that burnt-out lightbulb in the garage, or even painting over your daughter’s neon pink accent wall with a more neutral color.

Find an agent you trust

Once you feel your house is ready to be the next Hawthorn Woods real estate listing, find an agent you trust. Ideally, your agent will have experience in the Hawthorn Woods market, have listed and worked with homes for sale in Hawthorn Woods previously, and have a good track record of getting top dollar for their clients.

If you haven’t chosen yet, consider contacting the Blackshaw Messel Group. With years in the Chicago suburb market, Blackshaw Messel has worked with many of the homes for sale in Hawthorn Woods. They can help price your home competitively in this market, get you the maximum amount of money, and ensure your sale goes through quickly and without any unnecessary hassle!

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